MX5 MK1 NA ‘Classic Dash’ - Solid Wood, Walnut Veneer

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** Please note: This product does not allow the original clear plastic fascia to be refitted. The wood surround and the new lights do not allow the clear front to fit. This product requires individual lenses.

** Please note: This product does not require any wiring but does require some small modification to the cluster housing including enlarging the indicator holes with a drill bit. NO WIRING the lights are backlit from existing bulbs.

Message us for fitting instructions ...

The MK1 clear plastic front is glued in place and can be eased off by applying some heat (hairdryer). Requires patience and care to avoid cracking the clear plastic front.

Available with or without the rear heated window light which is positioned above the fuel gauge. Usually the 1.8 model has this light.

You will receive the surround and lights and the centre dials (the dials themselves and the cluster is not included)